Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here’s the royal couple’s Canadian itinerary:

Prince William and Kate Middleton — aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — are set to make their first official tour as a couple, and their North American itinerary has just been revealed.

The majority of the 11-day trip will be spent in Canada, with a couple of days afterwards in the Los Angeles area.

The visit will be the third time William has been to Canada and his wife’s first.

June 30-July 2: The National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec)

July 2: Montreal

July 3: Quebec City

July 3-4: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

July 4: Summerside, Prince Edward Island

July 4-6: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

July 6-8: Calgary, Alberta

The Duke and Duchess will then fly to L.A., though their exact U.S. itinerary has yet to be made public


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are reportedly selling their Beverly Hills compound -- with a price tag between $49 and $60 million dollars. The 9,000 square foot home boasts a master suite, three more guest rooms, and a sunbathing terrace. A guest house features two bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen. There's also a gym, a swimming pool, and garage space for eight to ten cars.

RIHANNA performed on the "Today" show Friday.

As she walked alongside the crowd, a fan GRABBED HER by the waist. Rihanna freed herself, and continued with the performance. It happens at the 1:19 mark, she didn't miss a beat.

Pink is about to pop!

How Much Do You Tip a Delivery Guy?

Dear Breakfast Club,

The other night my family ordered pizza, and the total was around 30 bucks. I tipped the delivery guy four dollars when he got there, since that's about a 15 percent tip, which I think is fair. But when he saw what I tipped him, he looked annoyed. I always thought you tipped the delivery guy around 15 percent. Yeah, they're not waiting on you, but they bring your food right to your door. Am I wrong about how much I've been tipping delivery people? How much should you tip a delivery guy? Does it depend on the distance they have to drive, or the kind of food you order?

I need a little help here,


The Portraits of Honour mural is coming to Halifax.

A hand-painted mural of the 156 Canadian Forces' members who've lost their lives as part of the Afghan mission will begin a cross-Canada journey today.

The Portraits of Honour mural created by artist Dave Sopha over the past two-and-a-half years will be unveiled in Trenton, Ontario, just hours before the latest soldier to die in Afghanistan is to arrive home.

The cross-country tour of Sopha's mural aims to collect 1.5 million dollars for the Military Family fund. It will make its way to Halifax this fall.

Is this Bigfoot?

A Spokane, Washington woman says she accidentally caught Bigfoot on camera while hiking through the woods. The footage is supposedly from an iPhone camera. The videographer says they didn't notice the creature until they went home and watched the video. See the video below. Does this look real?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ellen's message to Oprah

If you're looking to fill the void Oprah left, here's a daytime talk show host to consider!!
Oh Ellen, she's fun and no doubt Oprah would agree.

(Matt & Deb)

Momma has a hug for kitty

Just because, it's so darn cute, Now, go give someone or some kitty a hug!!

(Matt & Deb)

Order of Canada

Actor Michael J. Fox is now an officer of the Order of Canada. The Edmonton-born actor and activist is among 43 people who received their medals from Gov. Gen. David Johnston at a Rideau Hall ceremony today.
Others include rock legend Robbie Robertson, hockey commentator Howie Meeker, Acadian filmmaker Phil Comeau, former cabinet minister Anne McLellan and Trudeau biographer Stephen Clarkson.
Fox was honoured for his efforts on behalf of those suffering from Parkinson's disease, as well as his tv and film work.

(Matt & Deb)

A First Look at Sarah Jessica Parker's New Movie

Some people are saying this movie looks an awful lot like a Sex in the City sequel with different names for the characters. "I Don't Know How She Does It" is based on the book by Allison Pearson. Ranom House says this about the book

"Delightfully smart and heartbreakingly poignant, Allison Pearson’s smash debut novel has exploded onto bestseller lists as “The national anthem for working mothers.” Hedge-fund manager, wife, and mother of two, Kate Reddy manages to juggle nine currencies in five time zones and keep in step with the Teletubbies. But when she finds herself awake at 1:37 a.m. in a panic over the need to produce a homemade pie for her daughter’s school, she has to admit her life has become unrecognizable. With panache, wisdom, and uproarious wit, I Don’t Know How She Does It brilliantly dramatizes the dilemma of every working mom.

Canucks Song is Canada's Most Viewed Youtube Video

If you want to be on top of the latest youtube trends, you'll want to watch this one. It's Canada's most watched video over the last 24 hours. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Feet returns...

Happy Feet 2 won't be in theatres until the fall, but have a look...can't wait to see our little singing & dancing friends on the big screen again!!

This time they’re shuffling to the music of Justin Timberlake. Among the voice cast this time round are Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria, Pink, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Sofia Vergara.

(Matt & Deb)

Kate loves Anne

Anne of Green Gables is being credited for bringing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Prince Edward Island this summer.
William and Kate will be on the Island July 3 and 4 as part of their first official international tour.
The British tabloid The Daily Mail is reporting that Kate is responsible for picking PEI as a destination. The newspaper said she wanted to visit the Island because Anne of Green Gables was her favourite book as a child.

(Matt & Deb)

Not ready to date again...

In an interview in this month’s issue of Details, People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” revealed that he’s still dealing with the breakdown of his 2-year marriage to Scarlett Johansson.
Ryan reynolds says "Anyone who gets divorced goes through a lot of pain, but you come out of it," "I'm not out of it yet. At all. But I sense that as I do come through it, there's optimism. How can there not be?"

(Matt & Deb)

Check out Kim Kardashian's engagement ring!

Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from brand-new fiancé Kris Humphries is a serious piece of jewelry.

The 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz-designed sparkler features a 16.5-carat emerald cut center stone flanked by two 2-carat trapezoids… and cost a whopping $2 million.

Even for an NBA player like Humphries, that’s one expensive rock.

Kardashian describes it as “perfect,”. But I am wondering....if you got a $2 million engagement ring, would you be thrilled by the gesture… or upset by the investment?

For all our Canucks fans!!

Check out the new trailer for The Smurfs!

Lady Gaga is on the cover of the new Rolling Stone Magazine.


The dress that Kate Middleton wore to meet the Obamas earlier this week is responsible for crashing the fashion brand's website. The Reiss website has crashed several times due to "unprecedented traffic" after photos of the royal couple meeting the President and the first lady surfaced online. The camel colored dress Kate wore is known as the "Shola Bandage." The company posted on Twitter, "Shola mania has crashed our website!"

Jimmy Kimmel and Boyz II Men pay tribute to Oprah!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farewell to O!

It isn't goodbye, it's until we meet again.
That's how Oprah Winfrey closes the final episode of her famous talk show today.
There was a hug & kiss for her partner Stedman Graham, she shook hands with audience members and walked through the halls of Harpo Studios in Chicago, hugging and crying with her staff.
The last shot of the finale shows Winfrey with her cocker-spaniel, Sadie.

(Matt & Deb)

No more reality TV!!

Actress Kirstie Alley says she's done with reality T-V.
The 60-year-old came in 2nd on last night's finale of ``Dancing With the Stars'' and says her time on that show has motivated her to return to acting with new focus and determination.
Alley plans to take on a movie role next month and is also looking for a new T-V series.

(Matt & Deb)

JUSTIN BIEBER has filmed a commercial for his new women's fragrance, Someday.

And you have to wonder if it's a little too SEXUAL. He is only 17 after all.

Halifax Based DHX Signs a Record Deal With EMI

Congratulations to Halifax-based DHX Media. The company produces the kid's show, Rastamouse, and the company has just signed a record deal with EMI. Rastamouse characters will play the huge Glastonbury Festival kids stage this summer. On the mainstage at the same festival, U2, Coldplay and Beyonce.

If you never seen Rastamouse, here's a clip from the show.

Did you see Lady Gaga on Letterman on Monday night, if not, here it is!

A creative Texas teen hand made her own prom dress from newspapers.

18-year-old Brieana Peacock tried shopping first but couldn't find anything she liked. When she heard about another girl made a prom dress from duct tape, she got ambitious. She said, "I'm an artsy person, but I had never made my own clothes. I figured I would give this a try." With her mom's help, they spent three weeks creating the dress which she wore to her prom last month. Now that prom is over, she said, "I have no idea what to do with it. I don't think it's the kind of thing you can wear again."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun ANTI-THEFT Gadgets!

Someone at the office keeps taking your lunch? How about a sandwich bag that makes your fresh sandwich look rotten?

For more on this anti-theft gadget and others STEAL a look at THIS LINK!

Harry Potter poster for the final movie!

In eight short weeks, the world will face the dreaded yet celebrated end of the Harry Potter movie franchise. It's going to be epic. It's going to be exciting.

The film's official Twitter account launched the latest movie poster for the final film. Cool huh!

Princess Beatrice raises a lot of money with her fascinator!

The memorable hat Princess Beatrice wore to last month’s Royal Wedding has sold for just over $130,000 on eBay.
An anonymous bidder won the unusual fascinator with an incredible £81,100.01 offer on Sunday.
Proceeds will be donated to UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

“It has its own personality, and I am so happy that we have raised the most incredible amount of money and can make an even bigger change for the lives of some of the most vulnerable children across the world,” said the 22-year-old Beatrice in a statement.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I love this Bruno Mars song, I think it'll be the song of the summer.

Bridegway Academy needs your help.

Bridgeway Academy is a finalist for the $100,000 grant in the Pepsi Refresh Canada Program. Bridgeway Academy would like to offer a Summer Camp in Cape Breton specifically for children across Nova Scotia with learning disabilities. This summer camp will be offered to 50 great children who have been diagnosed with a learning disability. This camp will help kids with their advocacy skills, social skills and provide support amongst parents and siblings.

And now Bridgeway Academy needs your help. By voting for them.

Please help the children with learning disabilities all over Nova Scotia and click hereto cast your vote for Bridgeway’s Summer Camp in Cape Breton.

They still need lots of votes to win, so with your help by visiting this website once a day and voting for their project, you could make a huge change in our community.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top 3

It's homecoming on `American Idol' tonight at 9 o'clock on CTV.

The 3 finalists, Lauren, Scotty and Haley return to their hometowns before they tackle three separate tunes on the Idol stage.

(Matt & Deb)

Oh Kesha!!

Kesha wants fans to donate their teeth for a necklace that she is making to wear at an upcoming awards show.
She has appealed to her fans to offer their molars for the outlandish jewellery after getting inspiration from one of her followers..
"I've received a tooth from a fan. I made it into a necklace. But now I really wanna make a fan tooth necklace to wear to an awards show. What I'm getting at is please send me your teeth. I'm dead serious. I need your teeth," wrote Kesha on Twitter.

(Matt & Deb)

Is Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive? Sexier than Ryan Reynolds?

This isn't the greatest picture to show it but Lady Gaga has taken over an entire subway train promoting the release of Born This Way on Monday!

Take the time to watch this.....

Here is the woman Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on Maria Schriver with and is the mother of his love child.

Check out the lengths this guy has gone to ask his girlfriend to marry him!!

There's a new YouTube video called "Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever" that's seven minutes long, but it's gotten about 200,000 views in two days: It's a guy in Georgia who got a movie theater to play a fake trailer while his girlfriend was at the movies.

Some might find it kind of cheesy, but it's definitely original. The best part is when he gets to the theater . . . and decides to buy popcorn before proposing. He also set up a camera in front of her to get her reaction.

This is amazing!

IMAGES OF SHUTTLE LAUNCH SHOT ON PLANE GO VIRAL: A 12-second snippet of footage and three still photos of the space shuttle Endeavour's launch Monday (May 17th) that were shot from a nearby plane have gone viral online and on Twitter, and have also landed on newscasts and in newspapers around the world. The images were shot by 33-year-old Stefanie Gordon using her iPhone as her New York to West Palm Beach Delta flight was descending toward its landing Monday morning. It was an overcast day in Florida, and the footage and photos show the shuttle in the distance soaring up into the sky with a plume of white smoke behind it going back into a bank of clouds. Gordon uploaded the images to Twitter soon after shooting them, and they quickly took off from there.

Charlie's Angels reboot, a new tv show this fall. Will you watch?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Sale

Avril Lavigne & ex-husband Deryck Whibley appear ready to let go they've put their Bel Air mansion on the market for $9.5 million...According to an online real estate listing, the Southern California home spans 1,190 square metres, with 8 bedrooms and 10-and-a-half baths.
The Mediterranean-style house also includes a wine cellar, a 10-car garage, a gym with a sauna, and a covered outdoor living room that opens into a swimming pool, with a hot tub and bbq.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand have listed Perry’s house, a 1922 Mediterranean style home in Los Feliz, California, on the market for $3.395 million. Their 4-bedroom, 5 bath home is over 4,700 sq. feet and features a pool along with stellar views of the LA city skyline. Additionally, Perry reportedly converted the 3-car garage into one giant closet for her wardrobe.

(Matt & Deb)

Are You Kidding Me?

Rome is notorious for it's crazy drivers. If you need proof, just take a look at this video of an Italian bus driver navigating traffic while driving with his elbows and talking on two cell phones.

It's Britney's latest comeback, she's everywhere including the June cover of Harper's Bazaar!

Check out the husky saying "I love you".

Check out these two brothers dancing!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Flying Poodle - May

A toy poodle dubbed ``Miracle May'' will need surgery, but has survived being picked up by a bird of prey, then dropped on the grounds of a Sechelt, B-C, nursing home.
The S-P-C-A says the dog has gouges on its back and several broken ribs.
Officials believe the dog was a long-neglected stray, and say she may not have survived if she hadn't been picked up by the bird, dropped, then found by nurses at the seniors' home.

(Matt & Deb)

Remember Tom in this danger zone??

An iconic American film is 25 years old today.
Top Gun soared to box office heights in the summer of 1986, despite its inaccuracies...The top gun trophy does not exist.

Some movie theatres held special 25th anniversary screenings over the weekend.

(Matt & Deb)

Christina Aguilera has a Trivial Pursuit Card!!

Christina Aguilera has received her own Trivial Pursuit card. Christina announced the news on her Twitter page.

She tweeted, "Love it!!! Do you know the answers?" Christina tweeted a picture of the card as well and here it is.

Last month on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Christina joked that her Super Bowl flub would probably be a Trivial Pursuit question one day.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairytale Wedding

Did the "fairytale wedding" in a Disney's Cinderella inspire Prince William & Kate? Were Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's costumes an homage to Cinderella's wicked stepsisters? A prankster released the side-by-side comparison of the royal wedding and the animated 1950 version.

But, the colours of the outfits worn by the animated characters have been altered from their originals. Of course, that hasn't stopped the above image from going viral.


U-S President Obama is keeping his promise to a teenager who lost her father on September 11th and is arranging for her to meet Justin Bieber.
Payton Wall met Obama last week at a ceremony at Ground Zero in New York.
Her father was trapped in one of the burning towers and he called her before he died.
She says she lost a part of herself that can never be replaced, but that Bieber's music has helped her survive.

(Matt & Deb)

Charlie's out, Ashton's in!!

It's official, Ashton Kutcher is going to replace Charlie Sheen as the lead in ``Two and a Half Men.''
Warner Brothers studios has announced it's signed the comic actor for next season.
The deal apparently came together quickly, following reports that talks with British film actor Hugh Grant had fallen through.

(Matt & Deb)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sarge & Officers to Get Hair Cuts for a Good Cause

(Sarge & his handler, Chris)

Sarge the Police Horse and a number of police officers will get hair cuts this Saturday as part of Hair for Hero's.
They'll get their manes shaved to show support for the Daniel McLellan Memorial Fund, which assists families in Atlantic Canada with children suffering from leukemia. The event is Saturday, 12-5pm at Halifax Shopping Centre, with Sarge getting his hair done at 2 pm.

(Matt & Deb)

Cat travels by bus

This cool cat doesn't have a problem with the transit system, he actually seems to enjoy it and it's become part of his daily routine.
Casper the Cat has become the star of this bus route in England.

(Matt & Deb)

Princess Beatrice auctioning off her fascinator!

Princess Beatrice is turning all the hullabaloo over her Royal Wedding fascinator into something positive by auctioning it off for charity.

Her mum Sarah Ferguson made the exciting announcement during Wednesday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"She's putting it up on eBay to auction it for UNICEF and for children in crisis."

WILL SMITH'S trailer on the set of "Men In Black 3" is nicer than most people's HOMES!

--It's a $2 million, 1,150-square-foot rig with marble floors, a lounge and bar . . . a movie room with a 100-inch screen . . . an all-granite bathroom . . . a large bedroom . . . and offices for Will's assistants and writing staff.

It's 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs about 30 tons. He's renting it for $9,000 a week.
Oh, and Will is also renting a 55-foot trailer with a full gym inside.

There was just one problem with the trailer: The movie is filming in Manhattan right now . . . and the locals hated it. One resident said, quote, "The smell that comes along with it is disgusting. It's like living in a gas station."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oprah has a street to call her own

Outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, in one of his last official acts before he leaves office next week, stopped by Oprah's studio to rename a street outside Harpo Studios where Winfrey tapes her show ``Oprah Winfrey Way.''

Oprah is the latest of more than 1,000 celebrities, religious leaders and activists and others who have been honoured with street signs in Chicago. Michael Jordan, Siskel and Ebert, Hugh Hefner and Frank Sinatra have been honoured over the years Sinatra twice as it turns out.

X Factor preliminary audition rounds stage.

Here's a first look at the U.S. edition of The X Factor when auditions kicked off in L.A. All the judges were on hand - Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Cheryl Cole and Paula Abdul - and the hosts, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones were there as well.

What you are looking at is what the stage will look in like in the preliminary audition rounds. The set will be changed again when it takes up its permanent home.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Cake!!

It took a forklift to help build what Dairy Queen is hoping is the world's largest ice cream cake.
The Guinness World Records people were in the crowd in downtown Toronto to witness the construction of the 10-thousand, 130.35 kilogram cake.
Beijing held the previous record with a cake that weighed eight-thousand kilograms.

(Matt & Deb)


Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver, are separating. The breakup comes just months after Schwarzenegger ended a bumpy, two-term run as California governor, a job his wife never wanted him to pursue. They say they're working on the future of their relationship while living apart and they would continue to parent their 4 children together.

(Matt & Deb)

Kermit the Frog reporting from the black carpet..

Kermit has some fun reporting from what usually is the red carpet of a movie premiere, but it's the black carpet for the world premiere of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ movie at Disneyland!!
See Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with Jack Sparrow & the silly gang at Empire Theatres when it opens in a couple of weeks.

(Matt & Deb)

Awesome Performance

Most people would be happy to be proficient playing one instrument. Shara Lin plays three very well....at the same time!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Bear..

Alicia Silverstone can add mother to her résumé since giving birth to son named Bear Blu Jarecki!!
Alicia says Mom and Dad are completely in love" with their "beautiful baby boy,"
Bear is the first child for Silverstone, and her husband of nearly six years, Christopher Jarecki.

(Matt & Deb)

Shania opens up

Shania Twain doesn't hold anything back in her new memoir, "From This Moment On" revealing after a long silence that not only did she lose her husband after her 14-year marriage came to an end, but she also lost her singing voice. ..After years of stifling her emotions, Twain's inability to express her feelings had finally caught up with her and affected her ability to sing with the volume required in a live concert. She talked about it on CTV's Canada AM today and says she'll have to go through some very serious physiotherapy and recovery to be able to sing again.

(Matt & Deb)

Guess who's getting her own show??

The Bio Channel is giving Bristol Palin a reality series.
Bristol will star in a 10-episode series, following her move from Alaska to Los Angeles with her son, Tripp, to work at a small charity.
She'll live with actor brothers Kyle and Christopher Massey. Kyle is a fellow ``Dancing'' contestant and good friend.
Bristol's as-yet-untitled series is slated to air in late 2011.

(Matt & Deb)

Halifax Nurse Running Across Gambia

Local registered nurse and NSGA Board member Erin Poirier will take the first steps on her endeavour to run across The Gambia on 4 July 2011. Over 17 days Erin and her two support staff will run 430 km (that's a half marathon a day!) from Basse (in eastern Gambia) to Banjul on the Atlantic coast.

Please support Erin's Love4Gambia campaign! Keep posted on Erin's training progress through the Love4Gambia website.


Friday, May 6, 2011


The 14-room brick house defended from intruders by a young Macaulay Culkin in the movie ``Home Alone'' is up for sale in suburban Chicago for $2.4 million.
The 4,250-square foot house sits on a half-acre lot in suburban Winnetka, about 20 miles north of Chicago. There are four bedrooms and it features the staircase that Culkin sledded down in the 1990 movie written by John Hughes.
Only pre-qualified buyers can make appointments to see the house, and no open houses are planned.

(Matt & Deb)

Jumping the Broom

This movies opens this weekend and was made here in Nova Scotia. Angela Bassett and Paula Patton made the movie in Blue Rocks which stood in for Martha's Vineyard. Roger Ebert gives it 3 out of 4 stars.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Barbie lawsuit

The actress who played Elly May Clampett on ``The Beverly Hillbillies'' T-V show is suing toy maker Mattel.
77-year-old Donna Douglas claims the company used her name and likeness for a Barbie doll without her authorization.
Douglas says packaging for the ``Elly May'' Barbie doll features a photo of her in-character, but that she never gave Mattel permission to use her name to promote sales of its doll.