Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The SPCA needs your help.

There's a pet boom at the SPCA. The animal shelter is bursting with more than 150 cats and kittens and more than 50 dogs...The SPCA is cutting their adoption fees for adult cats in hopes of encouraging people to take a pet home. Adopted animals are spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped, flea treated and have received their first vaccines upon adoption. They will also get a free vet visit.

Consider rescuing a pet, call the SPCA at 468-7877.

A furry friend will thank you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Try driving and texting at the same time!!

According to the New York times, new studies show that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask behind the wheel. This game measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions. Regardless of your results, experts say, you should not attempt to text when driving.

Driving test click here

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best Wedding Entrance Ever

Now here's a wedding that is going to last.

What a celebration!

Minnesota couple Jill Peterson and Kevin Hines got married in style.

If that's the precession, we wonder what the reception was like!

Click on the link below and enjoy!!

click here

Friday, July 24, 2009

Opposite sex, opposite views.....


Wearing skintight black leggings as pants. Certain intimate contours of your body should be a precious secret between you and your lover (and gynecologist).
Twirling your hair. Is that supposed to be cute? Because if so, here's a news flash: Unless you're 3 years old, it's one of the most inexcusably annoying habits in the universe. We'd rather date Sinead O'Connor than suffer through a relationship with a chronic hair-twirler.
Using the phrase "mani & pedi." Let's forget the wrongness of having some poor Asian woman slaving over your cuticles. The expression itself? Not cool. It makes dudes retch.
Smoking. Sure, it's a crap habit for both genders, but there's something especially boner-crushing about female puffers. Also: it'll make your lips look like a cat's anus by the time you hit 30. Forewarned!
Pretending you're Carrie Bradshaw. Everyone has sex! Tons of people live in the city! But unfortunately, your mundane bedroom escapades don't deserve their own beloved HBO sitcom. Put the Cosmo down, take a deep breath, and start over.
Believing that knitting is sexy. You're shooting for that Tina Fey 'hot nerd' vibe when you whip out the crochet gear. But guess what? It makes us think of sex-starved librarians who own too many cats.
Buying thongs. Unless you're a stripper in New Jersey, these shouldn't have a place in your wardrobe.
Getting tattoos. Ink should be reserved for men -- preferably men who are members of biker gangs, bass players in punk bands, or who have killed people in prison.
Pretending to be lesbians when you're drunk. Unless you're prepared to go the full Ellen, you forfeit the right to hump your girlfriends on the dance floor. "Tequila made me do it" will not hold up in a court of law.

Empty containers: Men have a habit of leaving empty containers everywhere but in the trash! This starts when they share student accommodation, and have to replace anything that they finish.
Leaving hair in the sink: Whether they are shaving, or malting, they never pick their hairs out of the sink, in a silent revolt against having to look clean and respectable.
Using ten cups, instead of one: It just defies male logic to use the same glass when they can get a clean, sanitized one for each drink. This leads to a sprinkling of dirty glasses all over the house, and no clean glasses when you actually need one.
Selective hearing: Well we've all experience this one, so the best way to cure it? Drop some bombshells when you think he's no longer paying attention. "I'm pregnant" tends to work wonders! After a few shocks, he's sure to get the hint and stop his mind wondering.
Not doing housework: This one will be slightly tougher to solve, so try negotiating. Agree that if he runs the Hoover around once a week, you'll greet him from work with a bacon sarnie, or let him watch the rugby without interrupting.
Burping and farting: The easiest way to solve this one would be to adopt the habits yourself, but if your much too ladylike for that, remind him that you'd be so much more likely to seduce him if he could be discreet.
Absolute helplessness when sick: Man flu is alive and prospering in men these days, so when he gets sick, expect him to need the same treatment and attention as a child.
Channel surfing! Take the remote control away from him, or threaten to cancel the cable subscription.
Wearing the same old thing over and over: Many men have the strangest attachment to some weird looking old piece of clothes they just wouldn't let go off. It might be old sneakers or a terrible T-Shirt with an offensive message.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to pick out men's jeans.....

HOW TO PICK OUT MEN'S JEANS: Men's Health gives some advice so you don't end up getting ridiculed like President Obama and his "Dad jeans."

The perfect pair of jeans for you: The perfect blue jeans are the DNA of a man's casual wardrobe. They take the million random possibilities of style and organize them into a coherent system. So pick a classic pair, like dark denim. They're versatile in a way well-worn jeans are not. Indigo jeans are cool with a plain T-shirt and sneakers, but clean-cut enough to hold their own with a dress shirt and tie or a casual blazer when occasion calls. Choose a pair that fits low on your hips (below the navel), and make sure they're straight-leg or boot cut. (The tapered look repels ladies.)
How to get a pair that molds to your body: No pair of pants looks better on a man than blue jeans that were stiff and dark when they came home from the store and have been softened and sculpted and battered against his body by life. Buy a single pair that starts out looking like something Potsie wore on Happy Days. Over time, they'll mature into your favorite pair. Hers, too.
How to tell if your pair is too baggy or tight: I call it the anatomy test. If I--or you--can see any of your frontal anatomy through your pants, they're too tight. If we can see any of your gluteal anatomy above your jeans, they're too loose. Please leave the extra-baggy jeans for rappers, skate punks, and Weight Watchers commercials. And trust me, no one wants to see a man in tight jeans. Ever.
How to make jeans go with everything: Blue jeans, which by rights ought to be casual, have evolved into the ultimate in flexibility. Used with wit, they can work in many different situations. For example, though in most venues you shouldn't wear blue jeans (casual) with shiny slip-ons (somewhat formal), there are certain urban, art-gallery moments and late-summer cocktail-party-on-the-deck situations in which jeans and fancy loafers are okay, assuming of course no socks are involved.
The jacket to wear with jeans: The full-denim outfit is a little too country for most gals. Instead, add a buttery suede or leather jacket.

Bad Activities That Make Us Feel Good?

Buying something expensive and unnecessary
Taking a sick day from work
Not cleaning the house
Using the internet at work for personal reasons
Eating at a fast food restaurant
Choosing a nap instead of the gym
Flirting with a friend's partner
Parking illegally
Spending the children's inheritance
Watching reality TV

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Afternoon Pick Me Up Giggle

Funny People is the new film by Judd Apatow with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, etc.

Looks dee-liteful! Funny and heart-wrenching. These characters are so real, like guys I've known my whole life that are so funny they should be writing comedy and just as flawed.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not to Toot his own horn, but BEEP-BEEP!

Forbes just released it's list of 10 Top Earning Comedians (based on the magazine's estimates)

1. Jerry Seinfeld: $85M
2. Chris Rock: $42M
3. Jeff Dunham: $30M
4/5. (Tie) Dane Cook & George Lopez: $20M
6. Howie Mandel: $15M
7. Larry the Cable Guy: $13M
8. Jeff Foxworthy: $11M
9/10. (Tie) Russell Peters & Terry Fator: $10M

In the Globe & Mail story, this quote from Russell Peters “It's a pretty eclectic group,” “It's like a solo version of Noah's Ark. You've got a redneck, Hispanic, a black guy, a guy with puppets.”

There it is in Black and er, Skin...

You know that Paul McCartney fan who had her arm autographed and promised to tattoo it? She went through with it!!!

I gotta say, that is some pretty sweet ink!!!

Method or Madness?

Christian Bale is considered a method actor, known for throwing himself into his bold film roles. His latest is another that calls for a skinny look......take a look at the difference in his looks with yet another massive weight drop.

Lung Run Sunday August 9th.

The annual Lung Run is Sunday, August 9th. The Credit Union Atlantic Lung Run 5K and Active with Asthma 1.5 K for Kids started in 2007 as a new community event run by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia and a Team of volunteers dedicated to raising awareness of Asthma and COPD and to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. While promoting awareness we are also raising funds to support Camp Treasure Chest – The Lung Association's summer camp for children with severe to moderate asthma.

For more information on the run, click on the link below:

Lung Run

Special Olympics Needs Volunteers

The Nova Scotia Special Olympics are on this weekend in various Halifax locations. The co-chairs are Ed and Shelley McHugh. They joined us this morning and told us they still need volunteers. For more on volunteering, check out the Special Olympics website.
Here's a link.

Special Olympics

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Has Rob Thomas Been So Silent on Twitter?

Seems the cryptic and infrequent Tweets by Rob Thomas are for a very personal reason which he shares here ( and honestly, I cannot imagine personally how I would be dealing with this if it were me)

Snoopin' Da Closet

This is for giggles 'cause we like to laugh as much as us chicks do love ourselves a big closet....

and then hit the 'Funny or Die' Snoop Dogg's version

Monday, July 13, 2009

McCartney and the 78th Highlanders

The Halifax 78th Highlanders Pipe Band had a chance to play with Sir Paul McCartney on stage Saturday night. This video was taken by the proud mom of one of the pipers. Listen for her to say "that's my son" near the end the song.

Here's the link:
McCartney and 78th Highlanders

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evian Roller Babies

Take a look at this latest commercial making it's rounds because it is too cute!
If you like cute babies, you are going to love this.

roller babies

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paul McCartney's message for Halifax.

Paul McCartney is playing the Halifax Common on Saturday night, his only Canadian concert. He has posted a message for Halifax on his website, check it out.

Paul's message

Amazing sand art work

Take a look at the link Neville sent us. It's appears to be from a Russian talent contest, something like America's Got Talent. Pretty amazing stuff!

sand art

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Halifax Highland Games

Greg Hadley has been the Ancient Scottish Events Canadian Champion for the last five years. He'll compete on the Dartmouth Common this Saturday as part of the Halifax Highland Games.

Things are heating up for the Halifax Highland Games this Saturday. There have been some amazing Heavy Event battles already this summer between 5 time Canadian Champion Greg Hadley from Antigonish, NS and rival Lyle Barron from Country Harbour, NS. Canadian records will fall this Saturday on the Dartmouth Common.

The gates open at 8am.

Check out the website by clicking on the link below:
Halifax Highland Games

Help Trish find the love of her life!

On Tuesday morning we spoke to Trish about how hard it is to find a man in Halifax. Well, when she got to work everyone laughed at her, having heard her on the air desperate to find a man. Trish's sister heard it as well and suggested C100 help her....

C100 is not a dating service however, because Trish asked for it, we are now her venue to try and find the love of her life.

If you want to help Trish, maybe you know someone, or maybe you are the one, e-mail

Sons of Maxwell and the Broken Guitar

Dave Carroll, of Sons of Maxwell, says United Airlines broke his $3500 Taylor guitar by tossing it around on the tarmac and now won't come good for it. Dave did what Dave does best, he wrote a song about it and made a very funny video. Take a look at the link below.

Sons of Maxwell and the Broken Guitar

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Ghost?

CNN's Larry King Interviews Jermaine Jackson where they tour Neverland, they review the footage and think they see the ghost of Michael Jackson. What do you think?
Check out the link below....

michael jackson's ghost

Rihanna's wardrobe malfunction on purpose!

RIHANNA partied in Las Vegas over the weekend . . . in an outfit that brought to mind JANET JACKSON'S "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl in 2004.

--She wore a suit jacket . . . with NOTHING underneath. But she wasn't technically topless . . . because she had sequin-covered stars over her nipples.

Butt Shapes


This is going to sound completely ridiculous, but there's a "psychic" in the UK named Sam Amos who claims she can tell certain things about a person's personality using something called "rumpology" . . . just by the shape of their BUTT. (???)

--So what does the shape of YOUR butt say about you?

#1.) If you have a Round butt: It means you're open, honest and sincere.

#2.) If you have a Heart-shaped butt: It means you're emotional, helpful and easily hurt.

#3.) But if you have an Upside-down-heart shaped butt: That means you're moody, shy, self-deprecating and probably a loner.

#4.) If you have a Flat butt: You're confident, professional and a good dresser.

#5.) If you have a Shelf-shaped butt, meaning your butt sticks out a little bit: It means you're active, you like to work out, and you're health-conscious.

#6.) And if you have a "Boyish" butt . . . which means slim hips combined with a butt that's flat and barely even there: It means you're happy-go-lucky, fun and really confident. (Sun)

(--Check out photos of each example here . . .)

butt shapes

Monday, July 6, 2009

Want to add 10 years to your brain's life?


• Give your BODY a workout. Studies show that people who are more physically fit perform better on mental tests – compared to people who don’t work out at all. That’s because vigorous workouts help pump more blood to the brain, which brings more oxygen to the cerebral cortex.

• Raid your spice rack. A study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry identified seven so-called “mind spices” . Those spices are cinnamon, turmeric, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, and rosemary. In fact, an acid found in rosemary alone has been shown to reduce stroke risk in mice by 40%. So five times a day, sprinkle a teaspoon of one of these spices into your coffee, tea or food.

• Eat more fish. One-third of your brain is made of those same fatty acids found in fish! They’re loaded with omega-3s which help lubricate brain tissue, and help nerve cells communicate with one another faster.

• Have more conversations. A new University of Michigan study found that people who talked for 10 minutes before a test performed better than those who kept quiet. Social interaction helps sharpen brain function - because you’re constantly trying to process new information while gauging other people’s responses! So a quick trip to the water-cooler might be the perfect way to warm-up your brain before diving into your next budget report.

Hot Dog Eating Champ

So much for the morning after.

A day after setting a world record by downing 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes, Joey Chestnut was ready for some pizza.

"I'll probably get one slice, maybe a couple, see how I'm feeling," said Chestnut, 25.

Chestnut headed for Sally's Apizza in New Haven late Sunday afternoon for his first meal since winning his third straight victory at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. Still, it wasn't all smooth sailing, even for a man famed for his iron stomach.

"I was feeling pretty rough all day yesterday and most of the morning today," he said.

Chestnut, of San Jose, made it out to the West Side Highway to check out the Fourth of July fireworks display with friends and family.

"Now that I'm out and about, moving around, I feel a lot better,"


Friday, July 3, 2009

Australia's Thunder From Down Under

Here are a couple of pictures featuring two of the dancers from Australia's Thunder From Down Under. They joined us on the show this morning. So there's no confusion, Brad and Peter are the ones in the brown t-shirts.

Australia's Thunder From Down Under plays Casino Nova Scotia FRiday and Saturday night at 8pm.