Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not to Toot his own horn, but BEEP-BEEP!

Forbes just released it's list of 10 Top Earning Comedians (based on the magazine's estimates)

1. Jerry Seinfeld: $85M
2. Chris Rock: $42M
3. Jeff Dunham: $30M
4/5. (Tie) Dane Cook & George Lopez: $20M
6. Howie Mandel: $15M
7. Larry the Cable Guy: $13M
8. Jeff Foxworthy: $11M
9/10. (Tie) Russell Peters & Terry Fator: $10M

In the Globe & Mail story, this quote from Russell Peters “It's a pretty eclectic group,” “It's like a solo version of Noah's Ark. You've got a redneck, Hispanic, a black guy, a guy with puppets.”

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