Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have reunited!

Here they are taking a bike ride together on the streets of Toronto over the weekend.

Jennifer Aniston is also a director!

Jennifer Aniston co-directed a movie about women and cancer for Lifetime. It's called "Five", and it features five tales of women whose lives are affected by cancer.

The film premieres October 10th on Lifetime.

Is this what Beyonce and Jay-z's baby will look like?

A forensic artist who has worked as a consultant for the FBI has come up with a picture of what he THINKS Beyonce and Jay-Z's child will look like. If it's a boy, anyway. Jay-Z and Beyoncé haven't announced the gender yet.

How to prank your friend at the beach!

Jennifer Lopez is a busy woman!

I love this, check it out it, you'll be singing it all day!

This is an ad for a new shopping mall opening in London, England. Too fun not to share!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mister Hotness, David Beckham, standing very near Mr. Hotness?

Photo of the Day features a shirtless DAVID BECKHAM being TOTALLY SHOWN UP by an impressive man in a Speedo!

Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars celebrities have been revealed, here are some of them.

The new cast of Dancing With the Stars has been revealed. It's been confirmed that Chaz Bono and Rob Kardashian are among the contestants on season 13 of the reality competition series.
Among the surprises? HLN host Nancy Grace and U.S. soccer star Hope Solo will be taking the dance floor.
Season 13 will premiere September 19th on ABC.
The new contestants are as follows:
• HLN host Nancy Grace
• Reality star Kristin Cavallari
• Talk show host Ricki Lake
• Singer Chynna Phillips
• Soccer star Hope Solo
• George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis
• Actor David Arquette
• Reality star Rob Kardashian
• Soap star J.R. Martinez
• Chaz Bono
• Basketball player Ron Artest
• Fashion guru Carson Kressley

Nancy Grace

Elisabetta Canalis

David Arquette

Chynna Phillips

Carson Kressley

Chaz Bono

Monday, August 29, 2011

Some of the interesting images from last night's MTV video awards!

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Beyonce announced that she was pregnant on the red carpet of The MTV Video Music Awards last night!

The 29-year-old singer dropped the bomb when she posed for photos wearing this long, red, flowing gown on the red carpet holding her belly, reportedly teasing, "I have a surprise!"

Friday, August 26, 2011

This kind of event comes once in a lifetime.

This is the dances of india,in celebration of 2011 being the year of India in Canada.

Stupid Photo of the Day: No, You Can't Fit a Fridge in the Trunk of a Honda Accord!

We're just loving this photo out of Richmond, British Columbia. Earlier this month, police pulled over a driver who was driving on the freeway with a FULL-SIZE REFRIGERATOR in the trunk of his Honda Accord.

Obviously it didn't fit . . . it's just sorta resting in the trunk UPRIGHT, with a few bungee cords and ropes holding it in place. The driver was reprimanded by the police but didn't get a ticket.

A Little Kid Was So Tired, He Couldn't Stay Awake . . . but Refused to Stop Eating His Ice Cream Cone!

Check Out How Enormous Hurricane Irene Looks from the International Space Station!

The astronauts on the Space Station took a cool video of Hurricane Irene on Wednesday.

--There's no sound, and it's almost three minutes long. But at least watch the beginning of it, because the hurricane looks HUGE . . . which it is.

--But it looks even bigger in the video, because you can see the curve of the Earth, and Irene STILL fills up the whole screen

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Major Announcement

The Breakfast Club have a MAJOR announcement tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7:40 !!!

"People" Magazine Put Kim Kardashian On Its Cover . . . But Not Kris Humphries!

"People" magazine drops its big KIM KARDASHIAN wedding issue this week. They paid a reported $1.5 million for exclusive rights to the photos.

And the one they put on their cover features Kim and . . . NO KRIS HUMPHRIES.

A "People" editor explains, quote, "It's all about the bride. We wanted her. It's her day, we wanted her on the cover. She added that Kris is so much taller than Kim that it's, quote, "kind of tough to get them in the [same] shot."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

500 people in 100 seconds!

500 people held over 1,500 photographs to create this dazzling stop-motion short.

Win tickets from C100 today to see “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”.

It's a "Ticket Wicket Wednesday" at C100. Be listening throughout the day today for the ticket printer and when you hear it call 451-1313 to win!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Yorkers aren't all that cranky!!

Now here's a pampered toddler

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's youngest son, Zuma -- turned 3 on Sunday. As a special birthday treat, Gwen took the little guy to get his nails done. The birthday boy chose a blue and red color combination to match his Captain America outfit.

Zuma's full name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.
Zuma's older brother Kingston often sports painted nails or colorful hair styles.

A celebrity couple who successfully manages both a work and family life!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting ready for another baby!

The couple, who are parents to two daughters – Violet, 5½, and Seraphina, 2½ – are "thrilled" to be expecting their third child, no due date was announced.

Lindsay Lohan stole Pippa Middleton's style for Kim Kardashian's wedding!!

It looks like even Lindsay Lohan has caught the Pippa bug!

For Kim Kardashian’s star-studded nuptials on Saturday, the actress donned a white version of Pippa Middleton’s glamorous green Temperley gown which she wore to her sister’s royal wedding; Temperley’s PR team says they didn’t lend Lohan the gown, but believe she purchased it from their L.A. store for the Saturday wedding in Montecito, Calif.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Sister Says I Have to Lose Weight or I Can't Be in Her Wedding:

Charlene sent us this she says:

My sister and I have always been polar opposites.

She's always been skinny, good-looking, and popular . . . while I'm a lot curvier and not as obviously pretty as she is.

Anyway, my sister is getting married next year, and she told me I have to lose 15 pounds or I won't be in the wedding. I'm a size six, and I never thought of myself as chubby.

All the bridesmaids are thin and pretty like she is, and she said she wants her bridal party to look "uniform."

She's my sister . . . shouldn't I be in her wedding regardless of how I look? Do other women intentionally choose small, pretty women to be their bridesmaids?

Just thought I would vent!

Kermit and Rowlf sing "Rainbow Connection" at the 2011 D23 Expo over the weekend! So cute!

Check out their tribute to Jim Henson.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Donald Trump is a show off!! Surprise, Surprise!

Donald Trump Has a New 757 with Gold-Plated Fixtures . . . And He Made a Video to Show it Off

Donald bought himself his very own 757 jet and customized it to well beyond the definition of decadence.

This thing has a passenger area that seats 43 people. Each seat has its own "audio-visual system", and all the fixtures . . . right down to the gold plated seat belt buckles.

There's a separate dining area, a main lounge, a guest area (slash) bedroom and a MASTER bedroom adorned with, quote, "yards and yards of elegant gold silk." There's also a master BATHROOM, complete with a shower.

There's a "VIP" area, there are also three totally tricked-out home theater systems.

As for the video, Trump doesn't appear in it himself. Maybe he thought that if he was absent from it, he could create the illusion that he's NOT bragging about how rich he is. Instead, it's hosted by AMANDA MILLER, his secretary on "Celebrity Apprentice".

Harry Potter has a girlfriend!

Daniel Radcliffe was spotted holding hands with his girlfriend in New York earlier this week, although her identity is a mystery. The 22-year-old recently told David Letterman, "I've got a girlfriend at the moment, who I am very much in love with. So you know, we'll see where that goes.

Anderson Cooper Gets The Giggles During The RidicuList!!!

I've never seen Anderson lose his composure before but his laughing during this story is contagious!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Forget planking -- horsemaning is the latest photo trend.

The fad -- which originated in the 1920s -- involves two people posing to appear like one body with a detached head. One horsemaner said that the trick is more in the person's who is the head of the operation because the facial expressions determine the quality of the shot. The International Business Times speculates that the trend came from the Headless Horseman, from the horror story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grey's Anatomy's season premiere looks good, it's coming Sept. 22nd!

Brad and Peter get a pedicure at Life Salon Spa in Dartmouth Crossing.

Here are Brad and Peter meeting the Life Salon Spa owner Sharon Tetz.

what a life....

Thanks to Laurie and Sarah they hacked away at Brad and Peter's feet, sorry ladies, it must have been tough!!

Enjoying the 'Once in a Lifetime Snowstorm' ....

Snow landed in downtown Auckland Monday for the first time since the 1930s in what some are calling a "once-in-a-lifetime event." Up to two feet of snow was reportedly measured in some parts of New Zealand in what, for that country, is a very unusual blizzard.

Videos have been coming in of the strange weather from New Zealand, including this peaceful short film from Wellington that's the most-shared video in that country today:

Now this is one talented pooch!!

Now this guy knows how to ride a bike!!! Don't try this at home folks!

It's a Ticket Wicket Wednesday here at C100. Win tickets to see Anne Hathaway's latest film "One Day". View the trailer here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Nova Scotia film creating buzz!

Take a look at the frightening trailer for "The Corridor", a film made right here in Nova Scotia!

Directed by Evan Kelly
Written by Josh MacDonald
Starring Matthew Amyotte, Nigel Bennett, Stephen Chambers, David Patrick Flemming, James Gilbert, Glen Matthews

Remember we told you there'd be a new Lily on Modern Family, well here she is!

The newest Footloose preview!!

After many complained that the theatrical trailer released for the updated version of Footloose followed too closely to the plot of the original, a second version has been released, featuring more scenes with new leads Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough!

Check Out Video of Batman's New Airplane!

They did some filming with it on the streets of Pittsburgh the other day, and several people shot video.

Five People Died When Wind Knocked Over the Stage Before a Sugarland Concert at the Indiana State Fair.

SARA BAREILLES had finished her set and was offstage and safe. JENNIFER NETTLES and KRISTIAN BUSH of Sugarland were about to go on, but they were still offstage and away from the wreckage.

This is an amazing video of a terrible tragedy!

Ashton Kutcher's Two and a Half Men "Trailer" is nicer than my house!!!

Will You Marry Me?

Flash mob videos are a dime a dozen these days, but here's one that achieves two objectives. It proves that flash mob videos are still cool, and it makes every other marriage proposal seem lame.

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Movies This Weekend Inclue This One

In "Final Destination 5," Death is just as omnipresent as ever, and is unleashed after one man's premonition saves a group of coworkers from a terrifying suspension bridge collapse. But this group of unsuspecting souls was never supposed to survive, and, in a terrifying race against time, the ill-fated group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death's sinister agenda.

Could You Live Like This?

By choosing a studio that measures just 12 feet by 7 feet, Felice Cohen can afford to live in Manhattan's Upper West Side where apartments rent for an average of $3,600 per month. She pays just over $700 for her 90-square-foot microstudio. After a bit of adjustment she now loves living smaller, simpler and cozier.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pia Toscana is back

Ninth place American Idol runner-up Pia Toscano has released a music video for her ballad, "This Time." Check it out...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Senior becomes 1st woman to earn high rank in Judo

Is earning a black belt on your life list? This elderly woman in San Francisco just might be your ultimate hero.
Just two years before her 100th birthday, Sensei Keiko Fukuda has become the first woman to achieve a tenth-degree black belt—the highest rank in the martial art and combat sport Judo. Fukuda is now one of only four living people who've earned the tenth-degree (or dan) black belt. Throughout history, only 16 people have ever achieved this honor.

The Dumbest Home Repair Guy

This picture is real - not doctored in any way -was taken by a Transportation Supervisor for a company that delivers building materials in Clearwater Township (just north of Barrie, Ontario)

The car is still running, as can be witnessed by the exhaust.

The driver finally came back after the police were called from the sub station across the road, and he was found crouched behind the rear of the car, attempting to cut the twine around the load!

Luckily, the police stopped him and had the load removed.

The materials were loaded at Home Depot in Barrie,Ont.

Their store manager said they made the customer sign a waiver.

While the plywood and 2X4's are fairly obvious, what you can't see is the back seat, which contains 10 bags of concrete @ 80 lbs. each. They estimated the load weight at 1.4 tonnes.

Both back tires exploded, the wheels bent and the rear shocks were driven through the floorboard.

Anne on her Catmobile

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises!! The movie is expected in theatres next year..

Beautiful Art from old trees

A man by the name of Curtis Killorn paints dead trees in the Colorado mountains with some vibrant colours and this is the result!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moves like Jagger

Maroon 5's Adam Lavigne goes shirtless (for a good cause:) it's Jagger baby!! Now it's your turn, bring on your best Mick Jagger moves!!

Dirty Dancing remake

A new `Dirty Dancing' is in the works.

The Lionsgate studio says it's remaking the 1987 film that starred Jennifer Grey as a naive dance student and Patrick Swayze as her teacher and lover.
Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original film, will direct the remake.
He says he's eager to cast the stars that will define dancing for a generation, the way Swayze did in the first ``Dirty Dancing.''

Monday, August 8, 2011

GaGa in Drag

A handful of artists turn to their alter egos to do something musically different. Garth Brooks had Chris Gaines, Justin Bieber becomes Shawty Mane for rapping, Beyoncé unleashes her inner bad girl in the form of Sasha Fierce, and Lady Gaga turns into Jo Calderone for photo shoots.
Does she resemble Al Pacino or Bob Dylan??

I can see your face!

Katy Perry already decorated her fingernails once with hubby Russell Brand's face...and now another starlet hit the Teen Choice Awards showing off her custom-manicure to go with her engagement ring...Nikki Reed has the face of her fiance of about 2 months, American Idol alum Paul McDonald on each of her nails. Nikki says it took about four hours to complete.


Victoria Beckham tweeted a picture of her and David Beckham's daughter, Harper Seven. Victoria said, "I took this beautiful picture and wanted to share it with you, baby Harper cuddling Daddy! x VB"

Katy Perry With A Surprise Guest

Rebecca Black made a surprise appearance at Katy Perry's concert on Friday in Los Angeles. Rebecca Black appears in Katy's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)" video. Black joined Perry onstage during the chorus of her own single, "Friday."

Friday, August 5, 2011

What Are The Odds That You Will Live To Be 100?

So what are the odds? Scientists have figured it out and a child born today has a pretty good chance of making it to the 100 year milestone.

A child born today has a 29.9% chance of making to his or her 100th birthday.

Click on the link blow to see your chances of making it to the century club.

Living to 100

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little tribute to Amy

There were plenty of stars in attendance at last night's Coldplay LA concert. But it was the one star who wasn't there who earned a touching tribute from the band.
Not long into their three-song encore, frontman Chris Martin paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, surprising the audience by launching into a much softer, slower and haunting version of her hit "Rehab."
Martin sang only the chorus of the song during the set, so the tribute didn't last long, but even more fittingly, the band launched into their own mid-naughties hit "Fix You"

Fan gets very close to Avril!

Avril Lavigne was attacked by a fan onstage Tuesday night during a concert in Brazil.

She was about to launch into a cover of Coldplay's 'Fix You' when a female fan climbed onstage and attempted to grab or perhaps embrace Lavigne
You can hear Avril screaming as the fan is caught and dragged offstage by her brother Matt who happens to be her security guard.
Lavigne is heard saying, "It's all good" before carrying on with the show!

(The Breakfast Club)

Is He The Next Star?

Andrew M is a young Halifax singer and musician whom we've featured on InStudio in the past. He's taken the next step to becoming a star by successfully auditioning for YTV's The next Star. Out of 4000 kids who auditioned, he has made it to the top 16. Here's the first video that he made.

C100 Presents The Help

It's a Ticket Wicket Thursday! We have invitations to give away all day long for the movie The Help. The Premiere is Monday night at Park Lane. Here's a sneak peak at The Help.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The World's Only Lobster Trap Cam

The world's only Lobster Trap Cam

This webcam inside a real lobster trap is located in Halifax Harbour. It is for observation and educational purposes only. You may see all kinds of sea creatures that live in the Harbour.

Click on the words "Lobster Trap Cam" below to see for youself.

Lobster Trap Cam

Matt Damon gets Into An Argument

A reporter from a Libertarian group called Reason TV asked Matt Damon whether teachers with tenure have any incentive to work hard, and she compared it to acting. She said that if you're an actor, you have to work hard to be good, otherwise you won't get jobs. And she thinks it should be the same for teachers. Matt was standing next to his mother, who's a teacher, and he said, quote, "You think job insecurity is what makes me work hard?" Then he added, quote, "A teacher wants to teach. Why else would you take a [crappy] salary and really long hours?".

Matt Damon on debt limit: 'I'm so disgusted,' 'it's criminal' the wealthy are not paying more from Nicholas Ballasy on Vimeo.

Matt Damon's teacher debate felt like it was lifted out of "Good Will Hunting." Here's the scene when Damon's character schools some smart guy who's trying to humiliate his best friend.

Katy's Pink Hair. Hot or Not?

What Should This Guy Do?

Peter and Zach here. We feel for this guy but we're not sure what to tell him, Brandon sent us this email and, well, we're not sure what to say. Maybe you can help.

Dear Breakfast Club,
I know that when a couple moves in together, both people have to make some sacrifices. But I'm moving in with my girlfriend, and she wants me to get rid of practically all my stuff. I'm cool with finally ditching my "Scarface" poster, but she doesn't like my recliner, and I have a restored pinball machine that she wants me to sell. She said none of that stuff fits the "theme" of our new place, and having it would be "college-y." Should I get rid of all the stuff I love?

Thanks for the help,

Singing Construction Worker

A Construction Worker in New York Spends His Lunch Breaks Singing Frank Sinatra Songs on the Sidewalk

For the past two weeks, a construction worker in New York named Gary Russo has been spending his thirty-minute lunch breaks standing outside a construction site on the Upper East Side . . . singing Frank Sinatra songs on a karaoke machine.

He's working on the new Second Avenue subway line, and when he sings, he hangs up a sign that says, quote, "Forget all the noise, traffic and the impact of the 2nd Avenue Subway. Enjoy the music!"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer


Helen Mirren Has the "Body of the Year" . . . According to a Poll by L.A. Fitness

The L.A. Fitness gym chain polled 2,000 people to find the BODY OF THE YEAR. And the winner was . . .

--66-year-old HELEN MIRREN!

--Helen got 18% of the vote. Her closest competition was on the mature side, too: It was 48-year-old model ELLE MACPHERSON, who got 10%.

--Further down the list was JENNIFER LOPEZ with 6.6%, PIPPA MIDDLETON with 4% and KATE WINSLET with 3.9%.

--They were also looking for the best MALE body. And there was no big surprise at the top of that list. DAVID BECKHAM got 21% of the vote . . . followed by DANIEL CRAIG with 15.8% and JOHNNY DEPP with 10.3%.

Halifax Soccer Team Needs Your Help

Here's a letter we received from Kevin McKenzie, coach of the Halifax County United (HCU) U12B Girls Soccer Team. You can help his team of girls

Our Halifax County United U12 Girls were selected from over 550 teams Nationally to be recognized as the BMO team of the week. This competition extends beyond soccer, it focuses on life lessons, the importance of teamwork, fun and community involvement.

In all, only 15 teams from across the country will compete for the grand prize and we are the only Nova Scotia team. From August 1 - 15th, the winning team will be selected based on community voting on the BMO site and we need everyone's help to win the grand prize which focuses on a significant community investment! We are competing against teams in much larger markets and need everyone's help!!

The winning BMO team is awarded the following:

$125000.00 investment in local field up-grades. This will offer benefit to a significant portion of the HRM community, not only soccer!
$5000.00 donation to a local charity of our choosing (We already received a $500.00 donation as BMO Team of the Week. The girls chose Kidsport which provides access to organized sports for families who are financially challenged.)
Team trip to Toronto to experience a Toronto FC game.

Our team was featured in a

National CTV spot.

CTV Spot

The BMO link is below:

BMO Vote Link

Our Facebook site

Team's Facebook Page

Needless to say any help your organization could provide would be sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards,

Kevin McKenzie

Halifax County United

U12 Girls Coach

Rihanna Says She Doesn't Like Being a Role Model

RIHANNA was in her native Barbados yesterday to celebrate something called Kadooment Day. It's a harvest festival, and it culminates with a huge parade.