Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax opens on Friday.

We've been hearing alot about this movie and finally it'll be here on Friday.

The Lorax Trailer - From the creators of Despicable Me and the imagination of Dr. Seuss comes the 3D-CG feature Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, an adaptation of the classic tale of a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope.

Some of the celebrities who lent their voice talents to the film, include
Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift and Betty White.

It looks as if Natalie Portman is married!

NATALIE PORTMAN and her baby-daddy Benjamin Millepied showed up at the Oscars wearing what LOOKED like wedding rings.
And yesterday, Natalie's jeweler said they ARE wedding rings. Although there's no word where or when they tied the knot. The jeweler says the rings were made with, quote, "recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds."
--Natalie and Benjamin met on the set of "Black Swan", where he was a choreographer. They welcomed a son in June of 2010. They named him Aleph.

Imagine coming across this when you were out whale watching!

This was filmed off the coast of California.

Go, Paper Airplane, Go!

There's a brand new world record for the distance a paper airplane has been thrown. Check out this paper flight of 226 feet and 10 inches. It's pretty incredible.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wow, Katy Perry Shows a Radically Different Look On this "Interview" Magazine Cover!

How do you like this perspective!

Angelina Jolie, mocked because of her leg placement.

The Artist was overshadowed on Oscar night by . . . Angelina Jolie's leg. After the leg made its big appearance on stage Sunday night -- and was mocked by Best Adapted Screenplay winner Jim Rash -- a Twitter handle @AngiesRightLeg was formed and attracted thousands of followers in just hours.
By Monday evening, the account had nearly 20,000 followers. Posts include "Look at meeee!!" and "You have to admit I'm one hell of a leg."

Now the photoshopped photo's are showing up!

Monday, February 27, 2012

It looks as if Jonah Hill is just like the rest of us who battle to keep the weight off!

Some of the fashions from the 2012 Academy Awards!

Angelina Jolie was showing some leg at the Academy Awards last night. It seemed overly obvious to me. You?

A very pregnant Jessica Simpson!

JESSICA SIMPSON is pregnant . . . and totally adorable. Check out some pictures of Jessica making her way through New York City on Saturday . . . wearing pretty massive heels. Jessica isn't due yet for a few more weeks, looks like she's ready now if you ask me!

Sacha Baron Cohen vs. Ryan Seacrest

Sacha Baron Cohen was the talk of the walk. He was allowed to stroll the red carpet after initially being dis-invited for planning to show up in his Moammar Gadhafi-like character from his upcoming film The Dictator. Cohen came in character, flanked by two flower girls, and bearing what he said were the ashes of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. He then spilled the ashes all over Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest looked shaken as dusted he off his tuxedo. Security ushered Cohen off. Tina Fey soon quipped to Seacrest, "You're a victim of comedy." Seacrest tweeted, "My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets -- now I know why."

J-lo's nip slip?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Amanda Sayfried and Madonna, do they look alike?

Here's Amanda Seyfried at the premiere of her new movie "Gone" in Hollywood on Wednesday (left) -- and the Queen of Pop Madonna at a pre-Super Bowl event earlier this month (right).

One is 26. Madonna is 53.

Check Out These Fun Pictures of Katy Perry as a Crazy Prison Guard!

We recently heard that KATY PERRY is playing a CRAZY PRISON GUARD on "Raising Hope". That's amusing. But now there are pictures of her from the set, and it's even MORE amusing. Katy is rocking this ginger wig that's a cross between CARROT TOP and "Ghostbusters"-era SIGOURNEY WEAVER. The episode airs March 6th.

A Jersey City Wine Shop Has a "No Snooki" Sign in Its Window!

American Idol Picks Top 24 – Plus a Twist!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jennifer Aniston's BF shows off his breakdancing skills on Ellen yesterday!

Eleven years after breakdancing in Zoolander, Justin Theroux’s moves are sharper than ever. In fact, it’s one of the things girlfriend Jennifer Aniston loves about him. He was on Ellen yesterday to promote his new movie Wanderlust and leave it to Ellen to make Theroux show off his breakdancing skills again.

Amber Riley is downsizing!

Glee star Amber Riley decided to revamp her eating habits last July after chronic stomach pains drove her to the doctor.

"I decided I was going to make a change and eat healthier," says Riley, 26, who cut out the fast food and burgers that she says "were attacking my stomach."

After seven months of sticking to a new diet and exercise plan, she has hit a weight loss milestone: "I dropped two dress sizes!"

But no matter what size she's wearing, the actress has always been a body confident role model. "I've always been comfortable with my size," says Riley. "I just decided it was time to get healthy."

Jennifer Aniston gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The New "World's Shortest Man" is Smaller Than a Car Tire or a Two-Year-Old!

There might be a new WORLD'S SHORTEST MAN. He's a 72-year-old from Nepal who's 22.56 inches tall . . . that means he's 1-foot-10-and-a-half inches. The Guinness World Records people are certifying him now. If he really is 22.56 inches, that makes him a full inch shorter than the current world's shortest man.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kate Walsh has posed nude for Shape.

The “Private Practice” star bares her figure on the magazine’s March 2012 cover.

So, why go naked at 44?

Walsh explains, “Right now, I feel really healthy, confident, and sexy. I’m enjoying my 40s and wanted to share that.”

“Is it a mid-life crisis?” she adds. “I do drive a Porsche, so maybe it is!”

Well, that’s one way to ruin a special moment.

At the Brit Awards last night, an ecstatic Adele was abruptly cut off while making her acceptance speech for Album of the Year.

Just as the singer was gushing about how proud she was to be British, host James Corden interrupted and tried to move things along a little, uh, quicker.

Needless to say, Adele was not pleased, and held up a certain finger in reaction.

After the show, the songstress offered her apologies, saying, “I flipped the bird for the suits at The Brits who cut me off.”

“Sorry if I offended anyone but it was for them, not for the fans,” she added.

Is Drew Barrymore Pregnant?

Drew Barrymore is apparently pregnant. The recently-engaged actress seemingly broke the news after leaving a doctor's office with a sonogram in hand. snapped the actress late last week. As she walked through a parking lot with her fiance, a folded sonogram was visible in her hand.

Drew's boyfriend Will Kopelman, a 34-year-old art consultant, popped the question late last year.

Is "Glee" Losing Dianna Agron's Character?

DIANNA AGRON'S character on "Glee", Quinn, was in a BAD car accident on last night's episode. She was TEXTING AND DRIVING when a truck slammed into her . . . and that's how the episode ended.

The good news is: Quinn did NOT die . . . and she'll be back when "Glee" returns from its two-month hiatus. (--The next new episode is scheduled for April 10th.)

But she's coming back in a WHEELCHAIR.

Pictures from the "Glee" set have surfaced online . . . and they show Quinn in a wheelchair and a helmet. It looks like she's preparing to race KEVIN MCHALE'S character Artie, who's been in a wheelchair since the show began.

There's a hoarder so messy, you can see his overflowing house on Google Maps!

How would you like to have this guy as your neighbour.

Mike Myers and Kevin Kline star in this Academy Award themed short.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Halifax mans You Tube video is being made into a movie!

Halifax's Andrew Grantham, creator of his own Talking Animals channel and producer of the second most-watched clip of 2011 (after Rebecca Black's "Friday"): “Ultimate Dog Tease.”

has had some great news...."Ultimate Dog Tease" is currently being developed into a feature film by Paramount Studios. How exactly they plan on turning an 80-second long clip into a full length movie is anyone’s guess but this is a great story about a local Nova Scotian.

Dubai Fountains Synchronized With Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"! (RIP Whitney) !

See if you can watch this without shedding a tear! A beautiful tribute.

How cute is this!!!!

This video has been shared more than 28 million times! We want to hear your thoughts about it.

This 90 year old grandmother likes to boogie!

Adam's 90-year-old grandmother is back. She has a number of hit videos on YouTube. The latest is her tribute to Whitney Houston and it already has half a million views.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Horrible Internet Trend Alert . . . Teenagers are Now Posting Videos Asking People Whether They're Ugly

We've got a horrible new Internet trend to tell you about. Teenagers are posting videos of themselves on YouTube and asking people to comment on whether or not they're UGLY. And if you've ever read YouTube comments, you know the people who leave them are generally AWFUL. So this has the potential to be pretty devastating.

--This sounds a little like the old website But there you'd just post an anonymous photo, not an entire video. And you'd only get a number rating, not comments . . . so this feels like it's WAY more devastating.

--In other words . . . if you have a teenager, make sure they don't post a video like this.

This is what your mother warned you about!

Actually, it's what Maria Panopalis warned us about a couple of weeks back on a Trendy Tuesday update. Nude stretch pants. Don't wear them without a proper cover up. And here's why.

Friday, February 17, 2012

He Survived!

Ludovic Masciave, 36, was driving his car through the Arly Gorge in the French Alps when a 20 ton boulder crashed onto the roof of his vehicle. Amazingly, Masciave survived the crash and is recovering in a local hospital, according to Landov.

"I remember the impact of the rock," Masciave told French newspaper Le Parisien. "I'd been driving slowly at between 40 and 50 kilometres [25 to 31 miles] an hour when suddenly there was a terrible shock which brought the vehicle to a sudden halt. I immediately lost consciousness."

Analyzing the photo, it's nearly impossible to imagine how Masciave escaped from the vehicle alive. The entire vehicle appears smashed under the weight of the 20 ton rock. The Daily Mail reports that the vehicle was so damaged that rescue workers couldn't even determine the make and model of Masciave's vehicle. Naturally, they assumed the driver didn't survive. And yet he lived, despite injuries that include flattened lungs and several broken ribs.

Fortunately, Masciave is expected to make a full recovery. He says he plans to sue the local government for not removing the boulder earlier. He was flown to a local hospital in Albertville, France where he is still scheduled to undergo several operations before being released.

"The space was very restricted. It could be measured in centimeters," Masciave told Le Parisien, referring to the inside of the car. "All I was thinking about was stopping the pain. When firefighters were able to open the door I was finally relieved of the huge pressure of the rock."

Britney Celebrates With The Boys

Britney Spears celebrated Valentine's Day with her favorite Valentine's -- her two boys. She posted a picture on Twitter, of the boys meeting Spiderman and Batman as a Valentine's Day treat.

J.Lo Poses For An Intimate Portrait

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have no problem showing their affection for each other.

The 42-year-old singer and her 24-year-old boyfriend are seen here looking oh-so-in-love ... with JLo resting her head on Casper's tatted up shoulder.

Earlier this week, Lopez released a very sexy perfume ad for her fragrance Glowing in which she appears nude.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jen and Paul in GQ

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd, who co-star in the upcoming romantic comedy "Wanderlust", goof around for photos and talk about their longtime friendship in the upcoming issue of GQ.

(Oh, and Jennifer wants to set the record straight: she’s not pregnant or engaged!)

Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Dog Show

Malachy, a Pekingese, sits in the trophy after being named Best in Show at the 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sophia Grace and Rosie Go To The Grammys!

It's finally out! Ellen sent our favorite little girls out to interview the stars on the Red Carpet. Watch the recap here


Winter is heating up! The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out today and 19-year-old Kate Upton is the cover girl. She tells People magazine, "This means so much for me personally. This has always been my dream."