Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is "Glee" Losing Dianna Agron's Character?

DIANNA AGRON'S character on "Glee", Quinn, was in a BAD car accident on last night's episode. She was TEXTING AND DRIVING when a truck slammed into her . . . and that's how the episode ended.

The good news is: Quinn did NOT die . . . and she'll be back when "Glee" returns from its two-month hiatus. (--The next new episode is scheduled for April 10th.)

But she's coming back in a WHEELCHAIR.

Pictures from the "Glee" set have surfaced online . . . and they show Quinn in a wheelchair and a helmet. It looks like she's preparing to race KEVIN MCHALE'S character Artie, who's been in a wheelchair since the show began.

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