Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Much Do You Tip a Delivery Guy?

Dear Breakfast Club,

The other night my family ordered pizza, and the total was around 30 bucks. I tipped the delivery guy four dollars when he got there, since that's about a 15 percent tip, which I think is fair. But when he saw what I tipped him, he looked annoyed. I always thought you tipped the delivery guy around 15 percent. Yeah, they're not waiting on you, but they bring your food right to your door. Am I wrong about how much I've been tipping delivery people? How much should you tip a delivery guy? Does it depend on the distance they have to drive, or the kind of food you order?

I need a little help here,



Anonymous said...

I personally think 15% is fine. I tip for service, if the service is bad, the tip is bad, if the services is exceptional, the tip will be exceptional. To be perfectly honest shouldn't the guy be happy with any tip, and is he really proving a great service by just walking up to your door???

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I am a real cheepo. I only tip 2 or 3 dollars per order.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of a tip is to express your satisfaction with a service received. I never feel obligated to leave a tip if I'm not pleased - and I'm fair - I don't penalize a server if the food was bad for instance.

However, when did we decide that we have to tip for fast food, like a cup of coffee, or for a service that is called "free" as in pizza delivery? I don't recall this a few years back, seems to me we did it to ourselves.....and think places including an "add tip?" option to the POS machine is sometimes appalling - like at a pizza place - why should I tip if I'm picking it up anyway? Heaven knows some places charge enough for the pizza in the first place, now I have to add more? Don't think so!

And to those servers who get an attitude about the amount of tip received, maybe check your behaviour, perhaps that is why you don't get good tips!

I will not be bullied into tipping all over the place. If you deserve a tip, I'm more than generous, but please do not demand it.

Anonymous said...

As far as the service industry goes, I personally don't tip anyone who makes more than minimum wage. Delivery drivers make, on average, around a dollar per hour over minimum wage. Translation, I only tip servers in restaurants, waitresses and such, because servers are still only paid a measely $2.13 per hour on average, the same wage they were pain in the 1950's! I am a firm believer that the federal minimum wage should cover EVERYONE and until that time, I will reserve any gratuity I give out for those who depend entirely on those tips.