Monday, October 5, 2009

Hidden Gems in Halifax

Want to add another to our list of Hidden Gems in Halifax?

Let us know right here.


The Breakfast Club said...

Jims Pizza House on the Bedford way.

They have the best fish and chips in the city!!!

As well they have a awesome view of the harbor well you eat you can see what we are known for!!



The Breakfast Club said...



Mexico Lindo

but the best is the MicMac…….. Try it Brad have the fishcakes

Karen Ferreira

Avelene said...

The Armview , it is clean , good prices and very hip. Great place for young and old alike.

Anonymous said...

John's Lunch, best seafood around, been there forever!!!!! Pleasant Street in Dartmouth!!!

Amanda said...

I would have to say that a hidden gem in Halifax is Tarek's!

Brad Dryden said...

I guarantee this won't be on your list. The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum. It's this little known place tucked into the suburbs of Cole Harbour. It has a tea room where they serve English cream tea and other items, all of which are made on site and use veggies etc. grown in their own garden.

And it's run by volunteers and needs donations to keep going. I take my daughter there all the time and I'd like to give them a plug.

Another great spot is Memory Lane Heritage Village in Lake Charlotte. It's similar to the one in Cole Harbour, but on a larger scale.


Ashley said...

Phil's Seafood on Quinpool Road has the best fish & chips, seafood and their chowder is amazing!!!

sharmen said...

The Armview Resturant 7156 Chebucto road is a hidden gem for sure ...come see for yourself!

Nicolle Bellefontaine said...

Honestly, the sandwiches at Ultramar's Country Style at the foot of Windmill and Akerley are AWESOME. An unexpectedly delish and great VALUE sandwich.

Anonymous said...

hey,C100-FM..The Breakfast Club

WE agree with "Ashley!

Phil's Seafood on Quinpool Road
Is the BEST!!!

The batter is very light every mouthful is real haddock... large serving... and their hand cut fries are very tasty, not greasey...we can't wait for another girl's day out.

Anonymous said...

roberts donair windmill rd. dartmouth

Jennifer said...

Come out to the 'Finer Diner' on the Peggy's Cove Road for the BEST food ever and an atmosphere that is 2nd to none! We love it there!