Friday, July 20, 2012

Seven Out of Eight People Stalk Their Exes on Facebook!

A study by Western University found that seven out of eight people have stalked their ex on Facebook after a breakup. That's 88% of us. Here are some of the ways people do it:

--48% of people remained friends with their ex on Facebook, which obviously makes it a lot easier to 'stalk' someone.

--70% used a mutual friend's profile . . . or LOGGED ON as that friend . . . just to see what was new with their ex.

--74% checked out the profile of someone their ex was dating . . . or that they THOUGHT their ex MIGHT be dating.

--And just in case their ex was stalking THEM, 31% of us have posted photos that we thought would make our ex jealous . . . and 52% of people HAVE gotten jealous over a photo on their ex's profile.

--And finally, 33% of people have posted song lyrics or a quote that referred to their ex as their Facebook status.

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