Friday, July 13, 2012


• Domestic Light Beer – You’re impulsive and quick to take risks. You’re respectful of authority, accepting of most people, and generally easy to get along with.

• Domestic Full-Flavor Beer – You’re sensible, grounded, and practical. You’re politically middle-of-the-road, quick to challenge authority, and 42% more likely to own a truck.

• Craft Beer/Imports – You’re more likely to be politically left-leaning, outgoing, and extroverted. You’re intellectually curious and open-minded, and interested in new and varied experiences.

• Wine – You’re mature and discerning, and you’re likely an organized professional. You tend to be unadventurous and less likely to take risks. Chances are you’ve graduated from college.

• Whiskey – You want to project an image of masculinity and authority. Blended whiskey drinkers are more likely to be age 21-to-46, while single-malt drinkers are more likely 50-plus.

• Vodka – You enjoy being in charge. You care about fashion and appearance, and you’re both opinionated and independent.

• Gin – You have a realistic outlook on life, and you appreciate comfort and security. You’re interested in relationships, and your focus is on family and home life.

• Rum – You’re experimental and creative, and quick to abandon one pursuit in favor of another. You’re more likely to enjoy jazz and art. You may be slightly eccentric, and are often impulsive.

• Tequila – You’re a free spirit, and you’re unconcerned with achievement in either the short or the long term. You’re outgoing, talkative, and fun to be around.

– Adapted from “Men’s Health”

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