Friday, September 14, 2012

What are Parents' Top 20 Regrets?

In a new survey, more than three-quarters of parents say they have at least one regret from their children's early years.
The survey asked parents about their specific regrets and came up with this top 20:

#1.) Working too much.
#2.) Worrying too much about unimportant little things.
#3.) Not playing with their children more.
#4.) Not going on more trips.
#5.) Not taking enough photos.
#6.) Spending too much time away from them.
#7.) Not filming enough events and milestones.
#8.) Not taking them on "big" trips like Disney World.
#9.) Not encouraging them to take up a hobby or more hobbies.
#10.) Not having a shared hobby.
#11.) Not reading enough to them at bedtime.
#12.) Spending too much time worrying about keeping the house clean.
#13.) Not taking them swimming more often.
#14.) Not letting them take part in messy activities more often.
#15.) Not teaching them to swim earlier.
#16.) Not being at some of the milestones in their life.
#17.) Not making enough out of Christmas and birthdays with them.
#18.) Being overprotective.
#19.) Always waiting for the next milestone instead of enjoying the current one.
#20.) Not enjoying days out more.

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