Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Smells have a certain power over us, even if we can't quite put our finger on what it is. But scientists say smells have more impact than we even realize. For example -- did you know a guy's scent can actually help you decode his personality?

According to the Sense of Smell Institute in New York City (yep, it exists!) and reported in an article in Cosmo, the scent a man chooses reveals how he wants people (especially women) to perceive him. Here's a lesson:

If his scent is fresh, zesty, citrusy ... he's uncomplicated and take-charge.
If his scent is rich, spicy, musky ... he's a bit reflective and romantic.
If his scent is light, cool, minty... he's super-social and spontaneous.
If his scent is warm, natural, woody ... he's reserved and refined.

Just Asking ... Do you find yourself attracted to people just because of their scent? Which scents or colognes drive you wild?

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