Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bad Break Ups

George Clooney broke up with his latest flame in the media and not in person. Ouch! Have you ever been the victim of an inappropriate break-up? Maybe you did the breaking up in an inappropriate way and need to get it off your chest. It's okay. You can tell us everything. Blog now!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I have a bad break up story for you. This was about 7 years ago. The night of my office Christmas party, roughly 10 days before Christmas, my boyfriend of 5 years and I had a room at a hotel downtown. After the party we decided to order some food from a pub across the street. He left at 11:00 and when he didn't come back by midnight, I was worried, to say the least.

My friend and her husband had an adjoining room, so I went and got her. We called the pub; never saw him. We called and called and called his cell phone. After a couple more hours, my friend called the police station, hospitals.... We had hotel security check the parkade a few times. Couldn't find him.

His friend is a police officer, so at 4:30 AM, I called him. He was on his way to work and was now as worried as I was. He checked info on his end. Still nothing.

Finally, at 7:30 AM, my boyfriend came back. He said he was walking the streets all night, but he wasn't cold to the touch (it was a warm December that year, but not THAT warm!) Anyway, he said he wasn't happy and broke up with me.(I took his Christmas presents back and bought myself a beautiful white gold ring.)

To top it all off, a month later, my father died suddenly. I called my ex just to let him know, and he spent the following week with me; nice, BUT at the funeral home visitation, he made a date with one of our former co-workers! Can you say "GOOD RIDDANCE!!"

Peter Harrison said...

OH MY GOD! What a jerk! Thanks for sharing that and we hope you've found a real man. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I dated a guy once that was having a four month affair with another gal while he was working in the states. A month before I was suppose to move down there to be with him....I knew something was up and I got it out of him. He had been cheating me for months. Although..I should have known as he had cheated on me once/twice?! before during our 5 years together. I took him back at the time but knew I shouldn't have.

All I can say is - ladies, if your gut is telling something is up with your man - and his behaviour has changed towards you and he is being 'aloof' about things..then something is up.

I've gone through a few relationships where I had warning signs right from the beginning and I chose to ignore them. NEVER ignore the big red flags...they mean something that will not be good down the road!

I've learned my lesson though and I'm now with a kind guy who is nice as pie! Yummy too! :o)

Nice guys ARE out there ladies! Don't settle for a jerk!

Moya Farrell said...

I agree with you, if your gut is telling you something is up, it usually is, especially if your guy is acting differently. I believe we deserve to be treated like gold and if we are not, start looking for someone who appreciates you. Believe me there are a lot of decent men out there, you don't need to be dating a jerk. I say there are a lot of decent men out there but the best one is gone, I married him!!!

Anonymous said...

I was dating a guy for about 2 yrs, then all of the sudden he was never answering my calls, was never around. So from there of course i was upset over this. So for the whole month i have heard nothing. So i moved on with my life, I wasn't going to wait for him much longer. So now it has been almost 5 years, I am married and have a family now, and I run into him at Tim Horton's in Sackville. I was speechless,My heart went right to my throat. Didn't know what to say. he was married and they were expecting. I found out where he worked and what his email was. And I asked him, if he fell off the face of the earth, because he was nowhere to be found. He couldn't answer that question.... Couldn't even remember what happened at that time. And he comes back to me, on how he remembered on how "loving" we were together. That was the only thing he remembers??!!!
Gross Pig!!

Peter Harrison said...

I think I speak for all men when I say...wait a second! I don't want to speak for any of these guys. They give men a terrible name. He couldn't remember what happened? C'mon!

Anonymous said...

I was married to for 7 years, things were rocky - but no more so than anyone elses relationship...or so I thought. After 6 years together, and 2 chldren my husband decided we needed a new start. So he/we declared bankruptcy to clear most of our bills and he found us a great home for rent. We were both from Sackville and the house was a little ways out from there, and a little more expensive than we could afford. But hey we went for. Best of all we planned and got pregnant with our 3 child. I had always wanted a dog, so on my birthday (8 months pregnant) he bought me a puppy - life was grand!

Guess what, 12 days after our new baby was born I get a phone call from a man. He wanted me to know that his wife and my husband had been having an affair for the past year! Low and behold my husband admitted to the affair. He also admitted that he had moved us out of Sackville because thats where his girlfriend lived and he didn't want us to run into each other. he had done the bankruptcy so that he could clear his bills before dumping me to be with her. Oh, and the baby and the puppy were his way of making sure I would have what I needed to be happy when he left me for her - which he planned to do once the baby was 3 months old. His only regret was that his girlfriends husband broke the news before they were ready! And get this...come to find out that his girlfriend worked in house keeping at the hospital - on the floor I stayed to have our baby! No wonder my room was left so dirty when I was in there!
Needless to say he is history - him and the girlfriend have since broken up too - what goes around comes around I guess!