Monday, June 2, 2008

Not Handy, Won't Kill Bugs

Dear C100 Breakfast Club

I've got a problem, or maybe it isn't a problem, I don't know.

My boyfriend isn't a man's man. And that's ok. I don't want him to be. He can't fix my car. He can barely hang a painting. But I just realized, he won't even kill a bug for me.

We had a big spider in our apartment the other day and he had me kill it.

Is that the line? I don't believe all men should be handy but shouldn't all men kill bugs for their girlfriends?



Brad Dryden said...

I am one of those guys that hates killing pesty ants or spiders indoors!!! I usually whine and hope my wife will do it!!!
We had a little "incident" at the house over the weekend which I hope to share with C100 listeners tomorrow.
Brad "scaredycat" Dryden

Anonymous said...

My husband will kill an insect, but for some reason it is hard for him to watch our son while i mow the lawn cause he wouldn't mow the lawn in the first place.